UltraMax™ for Stretchers

Exceptional GeoMattress® continuity of care – on every patient surface

Designed for Superior Resiliency and Recovery - just like the GeoMattress® UltraMax™

UHP 500™ Ultra High Performance foam in high-fatigue seat section; 55% higher support factor yields superior resiliency and recovery.


Protects against shearing - macro, micro and pivot-induced shear

Silicone-coated, shear-minimizing fabric bands located on the cover’s underside help prevent heels, sacrum, and scapula from “digging into” surface. Protect against damaging effects of micro shear, macro shear, and rotational (pivot-induced) shear.

Span-America Exclusive – Shear Transfer Zone® cover design (pat. pending) 


The cover’s enhanced features include the unique design of the anti-microbial bi-directional stretch cover made with Span’s superior LifeSpan® fabric.

LifeSpan® is extremely durable and cleanable and delivers outstanding resistance to chemical breakdown caused by bleach and other harsh disinfectants with its polycarbonate-fortified coating.


Superior Pressure Management

Computerized imaging confirms outstanding redistribution of pressure across the surface and low overall peak pressures.


“Universal” hook & loop pattern

Large areas of both hook and loop on bottom of mattress help in anchoring it to a wide variety of stretcher models.