F350CT Car Transfer
Patient Lift

Created primarily for safe, controlled transfers into and out of a car—but with the flexibility for much more!  Unique spreader bar design enables precise, controlled positioning with minimal motion.  It is also an ideal solution for simple transfers between car and chair, chair and bed, and from floor to chair.

Features include:

  • 350 lb. (160 kg) safe working load
  • Locking rear casters, foot-activated lock/unlock.
  • Floor extraction:  Can be used to lift patients from floor.
  • Quick-release battery can be charged via charging cradle (optional), or via plug-in charger (included) for charging in place.
  • Overload protection with visual/audible alert, halts lifting when capacity is exceeded.
  • Manual emergency lowering for added safety.
  • Simple, fast assembly using tools provided.
  • Backlit LCD battery display for ease of viewing.
  • Audible low-battery indicator.
  • Certified to:  ISO 10535; IEC/EN/ANSI/AAMI/CAN/CSA-C22.2 60601-1, 60101-1-2, and 60601-1-11; SGS Mark for Safety.

Usage Requirements:

The F350CT is designed for patients needing the maximum level of assistance during transfer.  It should be used for

  • Patients who are completely dependent on caregiver for transferring
  • Paraplegics/Quadriplegics

Note that two or more caregivers may be required for a transfer, based on full assessment of the patient’s:

  • Mobility
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Medical conditions
  • Mental status
  • Ability to assist

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FDA, “Kwikpoint®: Patient Lift Safety Guide