PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible Series

Air is the star

The revolutionary part of the PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible and Convertible LAL surfaces starts deep within the surface, in the Star Chamber air cylinders. Far more than foam-filled "air" systems, the Star Chamber design creates a true air system that is constantly filled with air - whether or not the surface is powered.

  • air is a superior pressure redistribution and immersion medium
  • cross-connected elasticized reservoirs absorb peaks to mimic powered flotation
  • four body-length air cylinders provide greater air displacement and better weight distribution than typical side-to-side cylinder configurations
  • the points of the star-shaped core ensure maximum air volume
  • the closed air system requires no refilling or maintenance for 5 years

Air superiority

While they can be somewhat effective, foam-filled systems are limited by physics. But true air therapy provides the pathway to dramatically improved outcomes. It all starts with what's on the inside.


Foam: a solid

  • inhibits ideal pressure redistribution
  • limits active therapies

a typical foam-filled “air” sector:

  • is only 5% air by volume provides only 5% support from air
  • derives 95% support from foam

Air: a fluid

  • facilitates ideal pressure redistribution
  • maximizes active therapies

a Star Chamber™ air cylinder:

  • is 60% air by volume provides 92% support from air
  • derives only 8% support from foam

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