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Cradle Boot - Standard

Floats heel, supporting foot in the neutral position while preventing external rotation. Well-ventilated boot is easy to use and apply. Square base provides stability.


Foot Drop Stop - Standard

Elevates heels, supports ankle position. Adjustable strap can accommodate ankle contracture, protect against foot drop. Square base provides stability. Ring-of-AirŪ design provides ventilation.


Foot Drop Stop - Original

Hexagonal base, Ring-of-AirŪ design in center core for ventilation, and adjustable foam strap protect heel and malleoli in multiple leg positi

Cradle Boot - Original
Floats heel, supporting foot in neutral position, prevents external rotation.


Limb Elevator
Elevates casted or uncasted leg. Can be used in both supine and side Iying positions.
Flared Leg Extension
Elevates leg and knee in extended position.


Leg Trough
Immobilizes leg and knee in neutral position. Base is contoured to posterior leg to support under the knee.
Upper Limb Positioner
Positions upper arm with sloped groove for stability & comfort. Initially designed for use with burn patients.


Cock-Up Splint
Designed to help maintain hand and wrist in a desired position. Holds fingers and thumb opposed to prevent contractures. Hand stirrup is adjustable.