Easy Air® XL

Microclimate Management and Alternating Pressure for users 350 - 1000 lbs.

The PressureGuard® Easy Air® XL is uniquely equipped to meet the extreme skin integrity challenges of bariatric care.  Sturdy PressureGuard "Safety Edge™" design provides added fall prevention and stability, especially during transfers. The system delivers time-tested, effective removal of excess moisture and heat within the microclimate from profuse sweating (hyperhidrosis) caused or exacerbated by thick layers of subcutaneous adipose tissue, obesity-related immobility and the inability to reposition effectively and routinely. 

Additional Advantages

  • Will not lose inflation in a power outage
  • Stable surface is designed not to "swallow up" the user as air-only surfaces can
  • Timed (30-minute) Auto Firm
  • Lockout function
  • Simple comfort adjustment
  • Efficient:  Uses less than 15 watts
  • Generates less heat and noise than typical roll-up surfaces

Weight Range: Appropriate for users 350 -1000 lbs only.

Users below 350 lbs. may not receive adequate pressure redistribution and comfort, placing them at increased risk of pressure injury, and should instead use Easy Air or Easy Air LR models.

Mattress weight: approx. 32 lbs.

Warranty: 2-years, (all components)


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