Easy Air® LR

Low-air-loss Therapy with Alternating Pressure or Lateral Rotation

All of the most needed features in one surface.

Start with the popular PressureGuard® Easy Air®, the low-air-loss surface independently documented to outperform every leading low air loss system in moisture removal.

Add the alternating pressure and lateral rotation modalities found in the effective PressureGuard APM2.

The result: The most versatile, multi-modality surface on the market.

Remarkably, it does so with none of the compromises low air loss users have come to accept, thanks to its exclusive Air Diffusion Matrix technology and PressureGuard air/foam design.

Easy Air LR won't lose inflation in a power outage. Its stable surface won't "swallow up" the user. And its Safety Edge™ won't collapse like air-only mattresses can, making transfers safer. It won't make the user too hot or too cold, either.

Ultra-simple to set up, clean and use. Comfort level is adjustable. "On/off" buttons control air flow and alternating pressure/lateral rotation/ float feature.

PressureGuard® Easy Air® LR Recessed Deck Model

The recessed deck versions of selected Span surfaces, including the Easy Air LR, brings our advanced technology to recessed deck beds.   

Our engineers have developed a version of the Easy Air LR surface to accommodate the unique design requirements of recessed deck beds.  V-shaped edges enable the mattress to fit the recessed deck bedframe, while the compressible section accommodates multiple lengths and foot positions.

Patented design creates an inner bolster "cradle" effect for added safety when the patient sits on or moves toward the bed edge.  This protective feature helps direct the patient’s center of gravity safely back toward the center of the bed.   Two sturdy fabric handles improve relocation ergonomics.  Visit the recessed deck surfaces page

Inner Bolster "Cradling" for Patient Safety




Compressible section adds length flexibility



Weight limit:
500 lbs. in FLOAT and ALTERNATING, 350 lbs. in ROTATION.

Mattress weight: 22 lbs.

Warranty: 2-years, non-prorated, all components.

UL listed

The PressureGuard Easy Air® LR is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare Code: E0277.
Weight limit and warranty specifications for the Easy Air LR Recessed Deck Model same as Standard Easy Air LR.