The Topper

MicroEnvironment Manager™

Span-America introduces The Topper, the industry’s first completely reusable powered air coverlet for management of excess heat and moisture within the microenvironment. The Topper is powered by the same, patented

Air Diffusion Matrix™ technology first pioneered in the company’s category-leading microclimate management support surfaces, including the PressureGuard® Easy Air™ series, PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible LAL and PressureGuard® Protocol™.

The system provides a gentle flow of air directly to the underside of its highly vapor permeable top layer, carrying away excess moisture vapor to help protect vulnerable skin.

When evaluated in an environmentally controlled, certified test lab using the most current standardized testing for moisture vapor removal, The Topper outperformed a wide variety of products including typical low-air-loss surfaces and powered covers.

Low profile allows effective performance without the safety compromises inherent in traditional low air loss overlay products.  Interaction of inner air layer and top layer help offset the effects of shearing and friction.

The Topper is fluid resistant, anti-fungal, and bacteriostatically treated.  It is designed to be easily wiped clean and disinfected in place using standard hospital-grade solutions.  Alternatively, the top layer can be unzipped and machine washed, and the inner air delivery layer can be accessed for wipe-down cleaning and disinfecting if desired.

Cost effective for facilities or rental providers: does not require continuous replacement of expensive disposable components.

Additional Details:

Indications:  The Topper is indicated for use in combination with a pressure redistributing surface to aid in the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown and pressure ulcers through Stage IV by reducing excess heat and moisture within the microclimate, especially in patients who are obese, febrile and/or diaphoretic due to infection, antibiotics and/or analgesics.

Warranty:  24-month non-prorated (all components)

System includes:  Air cover, powered control unit,  carry bag.

Available lengths:  80” and 84”

Available widths:  36”, 42”  and 48

Certification:  IEC 60601-1-11.


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