Surfaces Overview

Span-America offers a full line of powered and non-powered support surfaces and overlays to address both Treatment and Prevention of pressure ulcers. Our PressureGuard® and Geo-Mattress® mattresses, and our varied line of Geo-Matt® and Delta foam overlays and traditional air mattresses give the clinician the needed options in addressing integrity of the skin and deep tissues.



Among specialty support surfaces PressureGuard® stands apart. All treatment products are packed with technical innovations combining the effectiveness of an air flotation system with the unmatched stability and safety of a multi-component engineered foam shell. 



Span-America provides a variety of Geo-Mattress® foam mattresses and Geo-Matt® overlay options.  All include outstanding features for pressure redistribution, shear relief and pressure ulcer prevention.



From The Safety Edge™ to the Geo-Matt®, PressureGuard® products meet the special needs of the bariatric client. Packed with unique features regarding key risk factors that increase when obesity impedes in-bed mobility and proper transfers.


Recessed Deck models

Six distinct Span surfaces share a series of patented design features engineered specifically to overcome the restrictive nature of the recessed deck bed with its V-shaped deck.  A key feature is an adaptation of Span’s proprietary Safety Edge™ two-piece bolster system.


In-Home Styles

For clients receiving in-home treatment, Span-America introduces In-Home versions of three popular PressureGuard® mattresses. Styled with a less institutional appearance, these In-Home Styles are available in king, queen, full, full long, or dual (split) king sizes.