Among specialty support surfaces PressureGuard® stands apart. Packed with technical innovations, every PressureGuard model combines the effectiveness of an air flotation system with the unmatched stability and safety of a multi-component engineered foam shell.

PressureGuard Powered

Easy Air® Series

The PressureGuard® Easy Air® is independently documented to outperform every leading low-air-loss system in this key performance area. Remarkably, it does so with none of the compromises low-air-loss prescribers have come to accept. The Easy Air® LR adds lateral rotation. The Easy Air® XL serves the bariatric patient.



The PressureGuard® Protocol® provides an unmatched combination of microclimate management, pressure redistribution, ease of use and patient/caregiver safety. Its efficient design generates substantially less heat and noise than traditional “roll-up” low air loss surfaces while consuming less power.


Safety Supreme

The PressureGuard® APM² Safety Supreme combines all the features of the top-selling PressureGuard® APM², plus the added safety benefits of raised perimeter edges to help prompt the user away from the edge of the bed.



The PressureGuard® APM² enables you to change instantly and easily from alternating pressure to basic lateral rotation with a single, recessed toggle switch. The silent, reliable, maintenance-free control unit allows simple adjustment for user comfort.


Bariatric APM

The PressureGuard® Bariatric APM offers alternating pressure therapy with 8 comfort settings for users up to 750 lbs. The powerful digital control unit supplies up to four times the air output of conventional units.


Unlike other alternating pressure mattresses, the PressureGuard® APM won't create extreme pressure gradients between inflated and deflated cylinders.


PressureGuard Convertible


Custom Care® Convertible LAL

The PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible LAL adds industry-leading low-air-loss microclimate management to the revolutionary Star Chamber system which provides greater air displacement and better weight distribution.


Custom Care® Convertible

The PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible series is Span-America’s better way to provide non-powered therapy, which with the simple addition of a control unit, provides powered alternating pressure and lateral rotation therapies.

Span-Care® Convertible

The PressureGuard® Span-Care® Convertible empowers busy caregivers with non-powered, pressure air redistribution and – with the addition of its multifunction control unit –  alternating pressure and powered flotation.

PressureGuard Non-Powered  


Custom Care®

The new PressureGuard® Custom Care® surface is an innovative non-powered blend of Metered Immersion™ with interconnected chambers providing reactive pressure redistribution and Shear Transfer Zones® shear transference.