Head & Body

Span-America makes a wide variety of positioners for positioning and protectionof the head and body.  Download catalog pages for details and model numbers. 



Geo-Matt® Pillow
Comfortable support for head and neck. Disperses pressure via hundreds of segmented cells. Comes with Soft Skin® protective cover.


Head Support
Helps disperse pressure around cranium. Cutout floats ear when in the lateral position, or occiput when in supine position.


O.R. Head Positioner
Same as Head Support (above), but slotted to provide clearance for tubes during face-down procedures.

Positioning Roll
Useful for various positioning needs, including cervical or popliteal support. 5" Diameter. 12" or 17" lengths.


Geo-Matt® 30° Body Wedge
Segmented surface provides pressure dispersion while supporting trunk at a 30° angle. Also used to support arm or leg in side lying, or at foot of bed to prevent sliding in supine or gatched position. 3.4" x 11.6" x 20"


45° Body Wedge
Both 45° and 90° angles available for patient support. Standard wedge is a full 24 inches long to support the entire length of the torso. 


For lateral positioning and turning. 18 x 8 x 8 or 16 x 17 x 9.