PressureGuard® Protocol®

Microclimate Management with Alternating Pressure Therapy 

Span-America’s PressureGuard® Protocol® provides caregivers an unmatched combination of microclimate management, pressure redistribution, ease of use and patient/caregiver safety.

Protocol’s proprietary air delivery cover design supplies a gentle flow of air directly to the underside of its highly vapor permeable coverlet, carrying away excess moisture vapor to help protect vulnerable skin. Thanks to its innovative design, the Protocol’s efficient control unit generates substantially less heat and noise than traditional high-output low air loss blowers while consuming less power.

Caregivers can select subtle alternating pressure or powered flotation treatment modes. Auto firm mode provides additional surface stability for ADLs, transfers, and feeding when desired, then automatically resumes the selected treatment mode after 20 minutes. Unlike typical roll-up surfaces, Protocol can maintain its inflation in a power outage or during transport. System includes mattress, control unit and machine washable coverlet.

Raised Perimeter models add an extra measure of safety by helping to prompt the user away from edge of bed.

Warranty: 18 months non-prorated


Additional Details:

Medicare Coding: Meets requirements of EO277 (Group II)
Weight limit: 400 lbs.
Warranty: 18 months, non-prorated
Mattress Weight: 22 lbs.
UL listed: Yes

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