Floor Lifts


F500P Full Body Patient Lift

Designed to be the workhorse of your Safe Patient Handling and Mobility program. Delivers a high-value combination of patient safety, caregiver protection, ease of operation and low cost of ownership. 

500 lb. (228 kg) safe working load.


F500S Powered Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

An essential tool for safe, efficient patient transfers between bed, chair and commode. Compact and easy to maneuver in a variety of settings, the F500S delivers a winning combination of safety, simplicity, and value.

500 lb. (228 kg) safe working load.


F450T Standing Transfer Aid

The ideal solution for patients with the ability to participate in their own transfers. Makes transport quick and simple while encouraging weightbearing as well as maintenance of trunk and upper body strength.

450 lb. (205 kg) safe working load.


F350CT Car Transfer Patient Lift

Created primarily for safe, controlled transfers into and out of a caróbut with the flexibility for much more!  Unique spreader bar design enables precise, controlled positioning with minimal motion.

350 lb. (160 kg) safe working load.


F400 Foldable / Portable Patient Lift

At home, on the road, or in-facility, the F400 is an outstanding choice for premium performance wherever space is at a premium.

400 lb. (182 kg) safe working load.



F600B Bariatric Full Body Patient Lift

Heavy-duty performance in a manageable footprint.  Delivers an unmatched package of high capacity combined with range, mobility, function, durability, ease of use and value not often found in bariatric models.

600 lb. (273 kg) safe working load.